Fact Sheet

The PFA was formed by a merger between the Professional Interfraternity Conference and the Professional Panhellenic Association in 1978

Thirty-six fraternity members and fifty-five associate members belong to the PFA

Fraternity and Associate members come together to exchange ideas and services thereby promoting the best of their organizations

The PFA is comprised of fraternities and sororities in areas such as law, dentistry, engineering, the performing arts, agriculture, and business

The PFA hosts a conference every year that focuses on the challenges facing the member organizations

PFA Today is the biannual publication of the PFA

The PFA promotes high standards on campus and in professional practice

The oldest fraternity in PFA was founded in 1869

Over 2,000,000 students have been initiated into PFA fraternities and sororities

Pharmacy and pharmaceutical fraternities comprise the largest fraternal membership percentage (14%), followed by agriculture, business, and law (all at 9%)