Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are dues?
Fraternal Annual dues are $250 and Conference Registration is about $200 annually; Associate Members pay approximately $1,100 total per year to cover Annual Dues, Conference Registration, and Conference Exhibit costs.

Q: What are the criteria to be eligible for membership?
To be eligible for membership, a fraternity must be national or international in
character and shall charter its institutional chapters only at appropriately accredited colleges, universities, or professional schools. The fraternity shall be identified by, or related to a field of study or common interest.  Member fraternities may also initiate members of other fraternities.

Associate membership is granted to people, partnerships, or corporations that furnish equipment, supplies, or services to member fraternities, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  Associate members enjoy all privileges of membership, with exception of voting and holding of elective office.  An Associate Member Liaison, however, is a member of the Board of Directors.

Q: What is available to Associate Members in their tradeshow set up?
The conference is limited to approximately 40 associate members in effort to keep the ratio between the fraternal members and associate members equal. On the tradeshow floor you are provided with a table top. If you have any special requirements be sure to notify the Executive Director or Associate Member Liaison.

Q: What is the benefit for Associate Members to attend the conference?
There are many opportunities during the conference to connect and build relationships with fraternal members. Associate members are invited to come to all events.

Q: How many people can stand in the booth at the tradeshow?
There is a maximum of three people table at the tradeshow, but additional tables are available.

Q: At the conference can associates attend the sessions?
Yes! We encourage you to participate in as many activities as you can.

Q: What is the difference between the associate membership and fraternal membership?
Membership in PFA is by fraternal organization and associated businesses.
Business members are referred to as Associate Members.