Top 10 Reasons to Join PFA

1.  I didn’t know a BEO from a BLT.

2.  Meet colleagues in a new career path for me.

3.  To become familiar with and keep updated on the laws and IRS regulations that I need to know to run the organizations.

4.  To meet and network with the hotel and CVBs.

5.  To gauge my success with other fraternities.

6.  To learn about new affinity programs and other opportunities to raise money and offer benefits to my members.

7.  To better educate myself on trends in higher education, hotels, and fraternities as a whole.

8.  To help me better deal with problems such as hazing and alcoholism in the chapters.

9.  To share information and ask questions on an informal basis with my colleagues.

10.  The friendships, the Opening Reception, and the Extravaganza!!!!